National Standard Cycle Tuition

Our Mission

What I aim to do is to help those who would like to learn to ride a bicycle, to go out and enjoy themselves, have fun with friends and family and get fit. If you should decide that you would like to learn how to ride on today’s busy roads, then we can show you how to do that too!

Our History

My name is Vincent Licence and I am the owner of 123cycleright.

The business was founded during the summer of 2009, and went live on-line in the November.

The key to success is empowering the learner rider with confidence, this is something that we do rather well, and has been verified time and again from our customers as you can see from our ‘Reviews‘ page.

Riding to work can sound like a chore,  however, with our ‘Ride to Work course’ we will help you to plan a route that is suitable for you, ride the route with you and discuss the road traffic scenarios with you so that you become more confident in your own ability to manage the route independently.

Should your ride to work be early morning or late evening ie after dark, then we can do that as well.

The National Standard has been well designed, there are no fingernail biting final written or practical exams, it is a continuous easy going training program, and therefore, failure is not an option, just practise a little more if necessary.

Age is not a barrier. So, whether you are very young, a teenager, an adult, with or without special needs, an absolute beginner, can ride a bike, or wish to just re-fresh your skills and gain confidence, and would like to know more, then please do complete a contact form.

Thank you for popping in, I look forward to hearing from you.


Vincent Licence

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